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Healing Through Traditional Chinese Medicine
Rather than focus on pathology, Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to strenghten and tonify the body and bring it into balance.

A body in balance is a body in health.

We use a combination of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage and Chinese Exercise Therapy, along with lifestyle advice.

Our goal is to assist in the process of deep and natural healing.
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Over thousands of years, Chinese masters have built a system of healing using herbs.

Generation after generation of healers have passed on their knowledge and experience as to the healing properties of the herbs growing locally.

This comprehensive system of healing is responsible for keeping an entire civilization well for thousands of years.

Chinese herbs are highly beneficial for all kinds of conditions; from psoriasis to digestive issues, from headaches and back pain to infertility issues.

Best of all, taking herbs is as innocuous as eating vegetables and when dispensed correctly, herbs have no side effects.

Once the imbalance is rectified and symptoms have abated, you need no longer need to take the formula.

Many Chinese herbs are used to make modern pharmaceutical medicines.

An active ingredient like ephedrin, for example, is isolated from a traditional herb such as Ma Huang and marketed for similar disease states to those that Ma Huang treats.

The difference is that a Chinese herbal formula is mixed specifically for you, using many different herbs in harmony to bring your particular system gently back into balance.
The human energy system is the flow of Chi or Qi (pronounced Chee).

The qi is the body’s internal and external energy.

We can stimulate the qi at certain points called Acupuncture points.

There are many different ways to stimulate Acupuncture points.

The most common way is by using very fine needles.

In our clinics, we mainly use “needle free” Acupuncture. We use a “Qi Gong” machine also known as  a TENS.

This extremely effective machine provides a gentle and constant stimulus, resolving many different conditions.

Acupuncture is highly effective in the treatment of sinusitis, migraines, insomnia and is particularly useful in relieving pain.

Our treatments mostly combine Acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine for the quickest and best results.
Chinese Massage (Tui Na)
The meaning of the Chinese term Tui Na is push (Tui) and grasp (Na).

Tui Na refers to what the practitioner does to the qi while rubbing and manipulating your muscles.

Chinese massage is a nurturing therapy designed to guide the qi through the blockages in your body caused by imbalances in your system.

Chinese Medicine states that qi must flow like a river. The damming of the river must be avoided or disease will follow.
Chinese Exercise Therapy (Qi Gong)
To keep the energy system in peak condition, ancient masters devised a system of exercise therapy called Qi Gong.

Qi Gong translates to “energy generation” or “energy accumulation”.

Much like ancient Indian Pranic yoga, your are guided by visualization to breathe in universal qi, building strength and vitality.
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