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Our Success Stories - Happy Clients
A growing number of people have experienced relief after receiving treatment from our team of experienced practitioners.

It’s an honour for us to be a part of the healing process and it is with great pleasure that we share a small selection of our many success stories with you.

Please note the past results shown below are not a guarantee of future results.
“By lunchtime of the next day I had made a truly remarkable improvement. My fatigue had disappeared and my constant nagging cough of three months had all but gone.
 Thanks Professor Wolf.”
Mitchell Ross
Dermatitis Rash
“After 5 days of treatment, the itch was completely gone! I have also suffered from Arthritis in my feet and after several treatments, the pain is greatly eased.
 Thanks Dr Wolf.”
Joyce Ford
“After several treatments I had stopped crying and I was totally pain-free and free of the stress and anxiety of living constantly with severe pain.
 Thanks heaps Wolf.”
Susan Torv
“After suffering with Eczema and insane itching for the past 24 years, I can honestly say that I have experienced immediate response to the treatment. I will definately continue to see Dr Wolf.
 Thank you very much.”
Chrissy Peril
“I have suffered from Psoriasis for 22 years. To my surprise and delight after 6 to 7 treatments, I experienced a great improvement.
 Thank you Wolf.”
F.J of Ashmore, Queensland
Severe Indigestion and Gastritis
“For the last 8 months I have suffered severe Indigestion and Gastritis. After 2 weeks of Acupuncture and Herbal treatment, I feel 85-90% better.
 Thanks Professor Wolf.”
Ann Weaver
Foot pain
“After having so much pain in my feet for the last 3 years, I am absolutely astounded at the positive results. After 18 days Acupuncture treatment, my feet feel wonderful.
 Thanks Dr Wolf.”
Eileen Peach of Benowa, Queensland
Dizziness and Tinnitus
“After a series of visits, the discomfort in my neck & shoulders, dizziness and constant ringing in my ears has very much improved. I look forward to a brighter future.
 Thank you very much Wolf.”
I.C. of Runaway Bay, Queensland
“I have been sick with constipation for 15 years and nothing would help me. The Chinese Herbal Medicine helped me from the first day I took it. You made me a happy person again.
 Thanks Dr Wolf.”
Kidney Stones
“After having an ultrasound the stones are gone. The herbs along with the Acupuncture sure did their job. I would not hesitate in recommending you.
 Thanks Professor Wolf.”
Liz Moffat
“I have suffered from Chronic Hives for 11 years of my life. The only thing that really worked was Cortisone. After only 3 weeks herbal treatment the hives have finally gone, I couldn’t believe it.
 Thanks Dr Wolf.”
Raeanne Walsh of Molendina, Queensland
Ear, nose and throat infections
“2 year old Stevie-Lee has been on antibiotics since she was 4 months old for ear, nose and throat infections. She also hadn’t slept through the night since she was born. Since starting your herbal treatment, she now has no infections and has slept through the night for the last week. It’s like heaven.
Thanks Wolf.”
“For 5 years I have had ringing and pain in the ears and the slow onset of deafness. The only help doctors could offer was a hearing aid. Your herbs and Acupuncture have stopped the ringing and pain in my ears.
 Thanks Professor Wolf.”
Gail Mercer of Biggera Waters, Queensland
Tennis Elbow
“I am a self-employed painter who recently developed Tennis Elbow. After 4 painless treatments of Acupuncture with needles (which I am very afraid of) my Tennis Elbow and my fear of needles is cured.
 Thanks Doctor Wolf.”
David Fahey
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